Coronavirus Advice

All students, staff, and visitors on campus must wear a face mask whilst indoors at the college unless an exemption applies.
Any student who visited a Tier 1 or Tier 2 site, within the exposure period, should follow the advice of the Victorian Government before returning to the College.

Please ensure you scan the Check-In QR Code available at all entrances every day you are on campus.
A reminder also of hand hygiene, social distancing, and ventilation measures that assist in keeping us all safe.
Also remember to wear masks while taking public transport, in line with current restrictions

Changes in place
New student Orientation will be done via phone, e-mail and Zoom. New students will receive an e-mail and call from the Admissions department on the Friday, prior to their date of commencement with all necessary further information and instructions.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact +61 (3) 8472 2131 or [email protected]. Please email or call the Student administration should you require any additional support.

During Covid-19, Sarry Institute will transition to an online learning environment, this means there will be limited face-to-face classes running, unless required to be in simulated environment specifically in class; or covid-19 restrictions are eased and/or state government allow to return to full onsite learning. If any student require assistance with their online learning environment, student will notify their trainer and assessor where trainer/assessor will provide them with further guidance.

Current Situation
In line with latest update, access to Campus is still restricted to those activity only which cannot be done at home. So, for mot student, they should continue to study remotely, unless it is required to visit the campus.

Guided by the government advice and our own assessment, we will begin permitting more essential learning, support sessions, delivery and assessment and other related activities back on campus in the coming weeks. Students will be advised from time to time. To ensure we are carefully managing the number of students, staff and trainers/assessors on campus, Sarry Institute will initially provide specific approval (on a case-by-case basis) for anyone to attend campus.

Online options
The online learning environment will be supported by a range of resources that will vary between units but may consist of learning summaries, video recordings or YouTube videos, and extra documents to aid student’s learning. All training staff will be available online at scheduled class times to guide and support the student through their studies. The online learning environment will be available through using Zoom.

Assessment tasks will vary for each unit of competency, but some of these may be moved online. Some assessment tasks may also be delayed or deferred to a later date pending the situation with COVID-19. The trainers are required to communicate with students for unit specific information. The best way to do this is through Zoom or through email.

All staff at Sarry Institute will continue to work and will continue to provide the students with the support any individual may need. The student will be remained connected with each trainer/assessor through regular class participation to assist them continuing their studies. Sarry Institute will also provide online academic and language support and student support staff are always here to help.

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