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Stay safe and keep healthy

Mental health
Past lockdown, physical distancing and health concerns can all have an impact on our mental health. If you’re struggling, then we encourage you to reach out for help and engage in positive activities that will help your wellbeing.

Read how you can safeguard your mental health during this challenging time:

Temporary changes due to COVID 19

• Regular online classes conducted where practical and possible
• Online submission of student assessments
• Automotive practicals classes are rescheduled
• Student support services available to ensure you maintain your academic progress
• Increased onsite cleaning, hand sanitisers and promotion of good hygiene
• Student support services available on campus with appointment

What we want you to do
• Continue good hygiene practices
• Follow social distancing
• Attend online lectures
• Stay connected with your Trainer/ Assessors and student support services team
• Regularly monitor your email for updates
• Update your contact details

Advice for Sarry Institute students – Coronavirus COVID19 update – 21 July 2021
The Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection has now affected almost every country in the world. Whilst most countries are still working hard fighting covid19, Australia has been successful in flattening the curve, 3 states have now recorded no new cases and have few or no active cases. Australia is one of the safest places in the world in terms of the number of cases of COVID-19.

For the latest updates on COVID-19 in Victoria, visit the Department of Health website.

Key Updates:
• CAC continues to have no known cases of COVID-19 within our community.
• A switch to online study Virtual classrooms are currently being tested. Students are advised to check emails for class timings and delivery.
• If any international student leaves Australia, they leave themselves open to the possibility of being denied re-entry.
• All international students in Australia must have access to Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) according to their visa condition. In the unlikely event that you need to visit a hospital, you will be covered under Overseas Student Health Cover Insurance, so please contact your nominated OSHC provider for details.
BUPA as a dedicated webpage on Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for international students. You can visit the page by clicking here; Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for International Students
• International students will receive a relief payment of up to $1,100 as part of a Victorian Government emergency support package that will help tens of thousands of people across our state. Read more here.
• We understand this is a difficult time for everyone. CAC will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide regular updates.

We ask students, staff, and visitors to take precautions as advised by the public health experts including:
• Wash your hands often with soap and running water, for at least 20 seconds.
• Clean hands with hand sanitizers available at the campus.
• When coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue –Not your hands!
• Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if you can help it.
• If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early and share previous travel history with your healthcare provider
• Please observe and comply with health-related signage around the campus
• Continue healthy habits like exercise, drinking water, and getting plenty of sleep.
For more information on simple personal hygiene practices to reduce exposure to illness visit:

• Avoid handshaking and other close interactions
• Avoid large gatherings
• All gatherings must comply with social distancing parameters of at least 1.5m between each student

• Fever
• Cough
• Sore Throat
• Shortness of Breath

If you feel unwell at all – do not come to campus. If you do suspect you have any symptoms of the virus please follow the recommendations below:
• Call your local GP doctor and ask for advice for a COVID-19 test.
• Do not come to campus until all symptoms have subsided and/or the doctor has cleared you of COVID-19 infection with a doctor certificate.
• If you become unwell while on campus, please present yourself to reception for advice.
• Continue to keep isolated from other people as much as possible (e.g. in a different room).
• Do not travel on public transport, taxis or ride-shares​ and do not attend any public places.
• For the latest updates on COVID-19 in Australia, visit the Department of Health website.

We ask that you follow the appropriate measures to ensure you stay away from other people during your isolation. You can find more information on how to self isolate here Home isolation guidance

If you have any questions related to CAC’s response to Covid-19 please contact: [email protected]
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